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Time for a Break: 4 Reasons to Drink Coffee at Work

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Coffee, java, a cup of Joe, or the nectar of the gods for some is one of the world’s most beloved and savored beverages. Its importance goes far beyond just being an aromatic and delicious drink. Coffee is a ritual, a medium for connecting with people, and our (not so) secret potion for boosting our mental and physical power. 

As such, it has helped many of us tackle even the most demanding tasks at work, bond with our colleagues, and gave us the refresh we needed before taking off to meet those deadlines.

From one coffee aficionado to another, drinking coffee at work indeed has multifold benefits.

Nodding your head? Or not quite sure yet?

Here are some of the reasons to drink coffee at work, even if work is your home office.

#1 Coffee at work – A much-needed break

Sitting all day behind your desk and taking dozens of video calls is energy-consuming. And that’s an understatement. 

A short coffee break will allow you to take a breath from it all and restore your vigor. You get up, stretch your legs, increase circulation, and make a warm or cold caffeinated coffee drink.

This gives your brain the time to destress and relax because there’s nothing worse you can do than forcing yourself to deliver when you’re low on energy. 

You take your cup of coffee, vape, a glass of water, and take a moment to center yourself. After 10-15 minutes, you’ll be refreshed and ready to rise to the challenge.

#2 Coffee and productivity – Raise alertness and performance

Caffein, the well-known coffee compound, is a stimulant that has the ability to restore our alertness by stimulating our nervous system. Like all things we consume, it should be taken in moderation as too much caffeine can cause jitters, shakiness, and increased heart rate. 

The impact of this powerful stimulant is noticed from around 10 minutes after drinking coffee and its effects can last between 2 and 4 hours. Of course, the effectiveness of coffee also depends on the amount of caffeine in the drink. One cup of coffee for instance can contain between 75 and 100 mg of caffeine which is also the amount of caffeine that has beneficial effects on attention.

Once you’re fully awake again, you’ll notice that your performance capacity is also restored. Therefore, drinking the right amount of coffee at the right time will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your overall performance and productivity.

#3 Coffee in the workplace – Connect with your team and colleagues

As we’ve mentioned, drinking coffee is a medium for maintaining social relationships. And there couldn’t be a better way to connect with the people you probably spend most of your time with. Even if you’re working from home, a video call where everyone’s drinking their favorite blend of coffee beans and taking a short time off work will do wonders for creating a pleasant working environment. 

A coffee break gives you time to find out more about each other and connect. When you get to know your colleagues, all work-related communication becomes much clearer as you’re able to easily understand the message and estimate their tone. 

You also get a chance to connect on non-work-related matters around a cup of coffee with an aroma that also has proven stress-relieving effects.

#4 Coffee and health – Improve your overall state of well-being

When consumed in moderation, coffee exerts great positive effects on our well-being. Numerous studies confirm that coffee increases our metabolism and burns fat, raises our alertness levels and productivity, alleviates stress, and moderates pain. 

Some studies also suggest that people who drink either caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee have a lower risk of death. Coffee does not only contain caffeine but also over 1,000 chemical compounds that might have highly positive effects on our health in the long-turn. 

Although all these positive mechanisms of coffee have not yet been clarified, the positive effects of coffee on our overall state of well-being are easy to see.

Final thoughts

Drinking coffee at work gives us time to unwind and restore our energy levels. With our performance levels back to optimal capacities, work coffee helps us increase our productivity. It is also a great way to connect with your teammates and other colleagues. This has far-reaching benefits on the working atmosphere and feeling pleasant in the workplace, even if you’re in contact via video calls only at the moment. 

Coffee is a great beverage with a synergistic effect of caffeine and other coffee compounds. Always consume coffee in moderation to optimally enjoy its benefits.


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