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Best Things to Pair with Coffee

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Over one billion people across the world drink coffee every day. It’s easily the world’s most popular beverage, and we all love that kick we get when we drink a nice cup. Since it’s so popular, it’s no wonder people have found ways and reasons to enjoy it at any time and with pretty much everything.

But what food really goes well with coffee? What can we pair with it in order to get the most out of both the beverage and the food? Read on to find out!

Dark chocolate

Let’s start with the obvious choice. Dark chocolate goes really well with coffee. The flavors complement each other, and the slight bitterness of the chocolate is an excellent counterpoint to the richness of a cup of well-made coffee.

Any breakfast food

It’s almost impossible to start a day without a nice strong cup of coffee. So why not pick a food that goes really well with it for breakfast? Scrambled eggs and bacon are a staple breakfast in many households, and they are an excellent complement to coffee.

Food with Coffee - breakfast

You can also have omelets, frittatas… the choices are endless. From plain eggs with just a bit of salt and pepper to a full bowl with vegetables, sausages, and cheese, they all go great with your morning cup of joe. No matter what kind of savory breakfast you pick, you’ll enjoy both your food and your coffee more if you have them together.

Coffee cake

This might sound a bit on the nose, but it’s an excellent combo for true coffee lovers! Coffee cakes come in a variety of flavors and textures, but they’re all practically made to accompany a hot cup of coffee. It really should be your go-to answer on what food goes best with coffee.

Ice cream

Have you ever had ice cream with espresso? If not, now’s your chance. It’s best in summer, but you can enjoy this delightful combination in any season. Alternatively, you can dunk the whole scoop of ice cream into your coffee and savor this rich and sweet beverage.

Grilled cheese

Grilled cheese is a less common option for pairing with coffee, but it’s probably one of the best ones, and it deserves more recognition. The crisp of the toasted bread and the melted cheese are an excellent pairing for a strong cup of coffee.


Food with Coffee - Tiramisu

This is probably the best dessert to have along with coffee. The espresso in tiramisu will enrich the flavor of coffee you’re drinking, and they’ll all underscore the sweetness of this dessert. If your answer to “what goes best with coffee?” is “More coffee!” then this is truly a match made in heaven!

Croissants and bagels

Yes, this is another savory breakfast option, but you can also have them as a snack. And what goes well with snacks? You guessed it! Coffee! This applies to any pastry, really. Whether you’re in a rush or have time to sit down and enjoy yourself, pastries and coffee were simply made to be enjoyed together.


Yes, you can dunk them! The sweetness of donuts will go well with coffee and make it easier for you to enjoy both. Sure the donut might end up soaking up all of your coffee, but that’s a great way to enjoy it; it might even be easier on your stomach if you drink a lot of this dark beverage.


Berries of all types are an excellent accompaniment for a delicious cup of coffee. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries… just pick one (Or don’t! Have them all!), relax and sip your coffee while eating these refreshing fruits.


Food with Coffee - Crepes

Both savory and sweet crepes can work, depending on the filling. Chocolaty and fruity flavors (bananas or berries) just yearn for some strong coffee to mix with. Cheesy and rich savory crepes are also a good choice to pair with some quality beans. You really can’t go wrong.

Wrapping up

In the end, there’s only one rule. If it tastes good to you, then it goes together. However, there are some guidelines to follow. Delicate foods can be drowned out by strong coffee. If you’re having a soft, refined meal, perhaps try using a lighter or sweeter coffee. Rich and strong coffee will go better with heartier and greasier foods.

Remember to follow your palate and don’t be afraid to experiment. Or you can just stick with what works. After all, the point is to enjoy yourself.


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