Saturday, July 20


PuffAround is an independent lifestyle magazine packed with topics which cover advice and news from almost all spheres of life. 

We are a group of creatives who spent years searching for online space where we will be able to share our ideas and insights about… well, lots of stuff. 

That’s how PuffAround was born! We wanted to spend more time writing and less time browsing for publishing opportunities. 

Our biggest struggle was finding a place to publish a pre-written piece; we had so many ideas listed in our Evernote, just waiting to get their final form. But most editors we contacted insisted on writing on the topic they already had scheduled in their editorial calendar. Which almost never coincided with what we had to say at that time.

Eventually, we found a way to get our voices heard; we built an online community in which anyone has the chance to share their ideas and write on the subject they know hasn’t been covered anywhere else. 


Browse around – we write on such a diverse range of subjects that we’re sure there’s a story you’ll be interested in reading!