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Like the topics we cover on our blog? Maybe you have something you’d like to add! 

We are a lifestyle magazine that’s always open for new collaborations and ideas but are at the same time very strict when it comes to evaluating the quality of content. We want our blog to be the place where anyone can share their insights – as long as they are written in line with our guidelines 😉

Please review our contributor guidelines

First off, let’s discuss our focus – PuffAround covers the following categories:

  • Business
  • Current trends
  • Ecology
  • Food
  • History
  • Lifestyle

If you believe that you have an article that will perfectly fit any of the above categories, send it over for a review. Even if you haven’t gotten to that part but only have a rough idea for a headline, let us know more about it. One of our editors will get back to you and might even be able to help you organize your thoughts. 

Formatting rules

  • All blog posts must be 700+ words long.
  • All blog posts should be broken into paragraphs and meaningful segments for improved readability.
  • Use appropriate tags to format your article (H1 tag for the headline and H2, H3, H4 etc. for subheadings).
  • Include photos within your article (make sure they are free to use for commercial purposes).
  • Send over a short biography and genuine headshot (no avatars). Let our readers know who you are! 
  • We don’t allow any commercial links within our blog posts. We encourage you to include only relevant references in your posts that further contribute to the understanding of your article. 
  • There are no limitations when it comes to the number of non-commercial links, as long as they are relevant to the subject. 

Link exchange

PuffAround does not (and will never) participate in a manual or automated link exchange program. We are happy to connect with similar websites and organizations who wish to contribute with high-quality content which we believe will bring value to our followers.



Send us your topic ideas or an article to [[email]] and one of our editors will get back to you with feedback at their earliest convenience.